Onsite UV Cured Finish

Carl’s Wood Flooring is very proud to offer the state of the art technology. This is the newest technology available on the market today! Now we can have you, your furniture, your rugs and your pets back on the floor the same minute we finish. This is a must for businesses that can’t afford any downtime waiting for the floors to reach 100% cure or for the homeowners that want to get back to living normally ASAP.

PROS: Allows you back on the floor immediately, outstanding wear and scuff resistance and extremely low VOC.
CONS: The Cost

Waterborne Finishes

Again there are many brands and types of waterborne finishes to choose from. Please contact a professional at Carl’s Wood Flooring and we will be glad to explain all of your options and help you choose what will work best for you.

PROS: Very low odor, great durability, dries to touch in 3-4 hours, fully cured in 24 hours to 7 days (depending on product chosen).
CONS: Higher in cost and most do not wear as well oil modified finishes.

Oil Modified Urethanes

There many brands of oil base finishes available on the market to choose from. Carl’s Wood Flooring chooses to use a product that has been around for generations and has proven to stand up to the test of time. Our oil base finishes have a very high solid content and are made with the most elite resins available.

PROS: Low in cost, deep rich tone, and great durability.
CONS: Very potent odor, 8-12 hour dry time, 30 days to reach full cure (no area rugs for this time you may move back in on floor within 48hrs).

Natural Oil Finish

This system is a modern and completely solvent-free natural oil system. It is made from 100% natural vegetable oils. It brings out the pleasantly warm naturalness of the wood. If your seeking the most environmental friendly finish on the planet, this is it!

PROS: 100% all natural, fast drying, high durability, creates a slip resistant surface.
CONS: High maintenance and cost.